Using Github copilot to get the tweets for a keyword and find the sentiment of each tweet in 2 mins

Some observations:

  1. This worked the first time. For some use cases we still need to do some debugging. But still very useful.
  2. These kinds of things are possible not just because of co pilot but also because we have awesome libraries which have abstracted a lot of tough stuff.
  3. Copilot seems to know most of the popular APIs. Twilio, Airtable, Notion. Its a great tool for doing quick mashups.
  4. I think in the future it makes sense for SaaS businesses to tie up with a tool like this and provide their APIs so it becomes easier for developers. Earlier, I had to visit multiple pages to get the APIs and read the documentation.
  5. Twilio and Stripe changed the marketing game for developers. Their documentation was their marketing. It became the gold standard. Future API products had to have the same level or better marketing. And developers flocked to Twilio and Stripe because it was so easy to develop. In the future, APIs which work with AI tools like Github copilot will have the upper hand. API products will advertise the fact that their code can be generated by AI.